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Vigil Safety and Compliance is a Road Transport Management System (RTMS) focused product that supports the Department of Transport's National Freight Logistics Strategy, which includes the National Overload Control Strategy (NOCS).

Vigil Safety and Compliance allows transport operators to implement and manage operational standards with regard to vehicle and driver safety, vehicle overloading, and driver wellness and development.  This platform provides transport operators with the ability to demonstrate self-regulation, as well as opportunities to identify inefficiencies, proactively reduce traffic violations, and actively promote skills development.



Enables compliance with RTMS standards


Financial control of the logistics value chain


Cost control and optimisation, including fuel usage monitoring


Load management - payload optimisation and compliance


Load contract management – validity and costs


Enhanced driver wellness - medical fitness verifications; management of chronic conditions, driver hours, resting periods; risk awareness


Safety and compliance - roadworthy verifications, over speeding, reaction to non-conformance, corrective and preventative measures

Management reports - manual, automated and ad hoc.


Capturing, control, access to and storage of critical fleet and employee documentation including COFs, vehicle maintenance schedules, licences/PDPs, medical and training reports


Hands-on support and infrastructure, with optional bureau service support


On-site installation, training and on-boarding process led by experienced team


Additional risk and HSE related consulting services relating to SOPs, SWIs, KPIs, PTOs, ISO policies and guidelines


Post incident/accident investigations


Internal/pre-auditing preparation for external RTMS audits