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>> EXPERIENCE: We have over 30 years experience in the industry


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4 Day Fleet Management Course - 4 Days

The four day intensive fleet management course. This is a very comprehensive fleet management course that covers every module in the manual in considerable depth. Time is provided to ensure that each topic is fully discussed based on delegate needs. The key objective is to provide delegates with the knowledge and the ability to fully implement effective fleet management policies in their work environment.

Acquisition Course - 2 Days

This course covers the methods used to plan the procurement of vehicles and fleet services at the best possible total cost of ownership (TCO). The core subjects covered relate to vehicle selection, vehicle purchasing and vehicle financing.

Operations Course - 2 Days

What is involved in Fleet Operations? It is the management and control of your day to day fleet operations, systems and personnel. Fleet costs are going to increase by some 12% in 2013 and properly controlled fleet operations can reduce this potential cost increase significantly.


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Remarketing Course - 2 Days

This course covers the selling of vehicles for the best possible market prices. Selling your used vehicles is probably one of the most important tasks that a fleet manager will ever have. Apart from all the other things that have to be managed and controlled, selling a used vehicle at its best market price will usually save more money than anything else you ever do in terms of vehicle management.

Cost Control Course - 2 Days

This course covers the management and control of all vehicle costs in terms of the company’s budgets, financial and operating objectives. These costs normally would include – vehicle fixed and variable costs, fleet costs such as tolls, etc and any applicable monthly overheads. With costs of a 100 vehicle fleet running at R13.2 million a year 2013 and fuel costing 40% of this cost – this is very important part of fleet management.

Safety Management Course - 2 Days

The very real challenge facing fleet owners is the development and control of an effective fleet Safety Programme. This course covers the methods and principles of how to implement an effective safety programme in your organisation. How employees drive a company vehicle determines how safe they will be on the road. The key elements of AARTO are also covered in the course. The average accident cost today is R35 000. It is higher for executive vehicles. The accident percentage in South Africa is about 50% per year i.e. in a fleet of 100 vehicles one in two vehicles will be involved in some form of accident a year. By comparison, in the US it is about 12%.

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